Legacy Gifts

A legacy gift to hoppa can help elderly, lonely and isolated people in your community. There are two ways to make one …

1. In memory of a loved one

If perhaps you knew someone who enjoyed the freedom of travel, then you might like to donate in their memory. Your help means that the memory of your friend or loved one will live on in helping someone else to access supportive transport services and to enjoy their own independence. How you choose to remember someone is very personal and may take many forms but if you’d like to donate in their memory then you can do that here.

We’d love to help you cherish the memory of your loved one.

2. Leave a gift in your will to hoppa

If helping people to enjoy their independence for longer and to lead a less lonely life are causes that are close to your heart, then leaving a gift in your will to hoppa could really help give more people the freedom, happiness, and peace of mind that our service provides. Leaving a gift in your will isn’t complicated to do. A solicitor or a will writer will ensure your wishes are well-expressed in an appropriate and correct legal manner. You may choose to leave a lump sum gift or a percentage of your residual estate.

The Law Society provides a directory of solicitors in the area including those who specialise in wills and probate. Find a solicitor.

Thank you for considering this special gift!

Leaving a legacy gift is an opportunity to be as general or specific as you want to be. For example, you may decide to leave a gift for a new bus, or you may want hoppa to subsidise services around important holidays like Christmas. If you don’t have a particular project in mind, your gift could be kept general and help to keep all services running.

If you would like to talk to us about leaving a legacy gift to Waverley hoppa Community Transport, please do contact us at enquiries@hoppa.org.uk

We truly appreciate every single gift, no matter its size. Every gift is important to our future and important to the people who need and rely on hoppa.

If you do decide to leave a gift to hoppa, please do let us know (at enquiries@hoppa.org.uk) as we would like the opportunity to say thank you.

We’re dedicated to changing lives for the good. Would you like to help us?