Mission and values

Mission statement

Our mission is to:

Provide a cost effective, quality transportation service to people who are unable to access ordinary transport for reasons of infirmity, disability, vulnerability or isolation.

Our values

Caring: to be understanding of the current needs of our stakeholders, especially individual customers, and to strive to meet their needs with empathy and compassion.

Responsive: to be aware of the current and changing needs of our stakeholders, and to meet those needs by creative provision and adaptation of our services.

Responsible: to be aware of, and optimise the impact of our activities, particularly with respect to the environment and local communities.

Sustainable: to strive to balance short term needs with the requirement to ensure that we are able to deliver our mission over the longer term.

Transparent: to be open to enquiry from our stakeholders, and to be proactive with the provision of information about ourselves to the communities we serve.

hoppa is a Registered Charity No. 1104954
Registered Office: Unit 8, Towergate Business Centre, Coopers Place, Combe Lane, Wormley, Surrey GU8 5SZ