Finance Trustee

After 15 years of service, our Finance Trustee is ready to retire. He’s proud to have been a part of hoppa’s journey and wants to hand over to someone who shares his passion for what we do. Could that be you?

What’s involved – the size and scope of the role

Up to four hours per month providing professional input. Includes attending board/management meetings
10am the start time for meetings.


20% of funding is from grants, and

80% is from fares and income

£1-million+ hoppa’s annual turnover

£52k the cost of running a bus for one year.


47 members of staff

1 book-keeper

8 trustees govern and direct


24 diesel buses

4 electric buses


69,299 passenger trips in 2023/24

18% the increase on 2022/23 passenger numbers

What drives us

We are on a mission to provide a cost effective, quality transportation service to people who are unable to access ordinary transport for reasons of infirmity, disability, vulnerability or isolation.

Our decision-making is guided by our values. We aim to be:

Caring: to be understanding of the current needs of our stakeholders, especially individual customers, and to strive to meet their needs with empathy and compassion.

Responsive: to be aware of the current and changing needs of our stakeholders, and to meet those needs by creative provision and adaptation of our services.

Responsible: to be aware of, and optimise the impact of our activities, particularly with respect to the environment and local communities.

Sustainable: to strive to balance short term needs with the requirement to ensure that we are able to deliver our mission over the longer term.

Transparent: to be open to enquiry from our stakeholders, and to be proactive with the provision of information about ourselves to the communities we serve.

What makes us proud

The progress we are making on delivering a more sustainable service. See what we have achieved so far.

Being able to introduce new services that meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Our new Hospital hoppa for Cranleigh service is one such example.

Helping our customers to maintain their independence and avoid social isolation. In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, of those who responded:

6 out of 10 say they use hoppa to take them shopping

5 out of 10 for getting to a medical appointment

55% live alone

67% of were aged over 80

What motivates us to do more…..our customers

Quotes from our customers:

“I have used the services of hoppa for many years since 2007 and found them to be excellent and vital to all the community, who need help with shopping or hospital visits.”

“I value what is currently on offer finding it useful, competent and agreeable. It also offers additional social contact to those who live alone.”

“I feel safe being picked up and dropped home again.”

“I was very pleased with the service I had, the drivers were very friendly and helpful and caring.”

Watch our short video to meet some of our customers.

About you

You embody community

You care about inclusivity

You would like to make a difference to people’s lives by applying your experience in financial accounting, book-keeping and management information

Next steps

If you like what you have read and are interested in being our next Finance trustee, please contact our General Manager Richard Davies on 01428 681701 or email