Meet the office team

Richard Davies - General Manager

How long at hoppa – Joined in 2022

Previous existence – I’ve always worked in the transport sector. I began my career as a customer service representative on the front desk at Heathrow Hertz UK and worked my way up to UK country manager.

Richard’s role at hoppa – I have responsibility for the day to day running of hoppa. This includes leading hoppa towards a more sustainable future while continuing to ensure we provide a first class and accessible transport service for passengers and the wider community.

What Richard enjoys about hoppa – Enabling people’s independence. This was brought home to me when I snapped a tendon and was in a cast and not able to drive. When you can’t get around, you realise how important it is to have access to transport especially as without it, you can easily become isolated.

Biggest challenge – Maintaining and growing the services with decreasing levels of funding and increasing costs.

Andy Taylor - Transport Manager

How long at hoppa – I started in 2005 and in that time I have seen hoppa grow into the successful business that is today.

Andy’s role at hoppa – Part of my role is to ensure that the vehicles are maintained and serviced at regular intervals and that we have the correct buses to accommodate all the services and school runs that we operate daily. Another part of my role is to ensure that we also have the right number of drivers and passenger assistants available daily to fulfil our contract requirements.

Secret of hoppa’s success – I think that a major part of hoppa`s success is the dedication and commitment of all the staff. This especially applies to the flexibility of the drivers and passenger assistants when it comes to working extra days and in some cases weeks.

Chris Talman - Transport Supervisor

How long at hoppa – I started in 2019 as a hoppa driver.

Previous existence – Own garage business.

Chris’s role at hoppa – I am responsible for scheduling all the hoppa services and ensuring that the day to day runs go smoothly and no one gets left behind.

What Chris enjoys about hoppa – No two days are the same and every day is a challenge.

Joe O'Shea - Driver and Vehicle Maintenance

How long at hoppa – I started in 2010 as a hoppa driver.

Previous existence – Factory Manager at a Perfume Company

What Joe enjoys about hoppa – Every day is different.

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